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Education Development

Education is an integral part of our life. at EDWB, we are spreading awareness about education will support development in education system and more opportunities for needy children in accessing quality education.

Education Infrastructure

We support Schools in fundraising to collect finances for various purposes such as improving infrastructural facilities or new uniforms for the school sports teams or band or any other similar activity. 

Developing Partnerships

We build effective partnerships through stakeholder  involvement and engagement as a top priority  to provide meaningful and relevant opportunities for vulnerable children’s education.


EDWB global Non-Profit that was formed on the efficacy of restorative justice through education development. Greatly inspired by Doctors Without Borders we seek to provide a way in which scholars and academic professionals across the globe can indiscriminately volunteer their talents in the most academically restorative initiatives of our time.  We seek to help countries with unstable education ministries, agrarian economies, low GDP with little to no resources for school curriculum and academic infrastructures. We are also equally committed to the academically under-served communities such as prisoners, minority groups, as well as refugee camps and asylum settlements in order to help traditional and non-traditional learners in order to create an exit strategy by means of an educational pathway.  As a US based NGO our two-fold approach is both to see students qualify and matriculate into programs best suited for their professional aspirations. Equally important is outreach to professional partners around the world to aid in with our gainful employment objectives for our students. 


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The organization aim is to promote:

1)Women empowerment, development and leadership through education opportunities.

2)Development of education facilities to promote learning.
3)Formation of women and youth groups aimed at supporting education initiatives in underserved communities
4)Handling child labor cases on child rights by ensuring that vulnerable girls are back to school.

5)Training workshops on Gender in order to introduce the new concepts such as e-learning and education technology.

EDWB has effectively implemented  programs relevant to its mandate such as education and advocacy on education matters as well as capacity-building program to support learning in for less fortunate children in Africa, Caribbean and parts of Asia.  The organization promotes diversity, rely on diverse opinions, and create free, safe and secure spaces that allow learners from such background access education without discrimination due to social, religious or economical reasons. We focus on building community networks and linkages with local state and non-state agencies 

EDWB appreciates the fact that beneficiaries from our target communities are ready to learn. Therefore, we design programs that meet the needs of the target community in order to facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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EDWB is committed to create a kind, supportive and wonderful Environment for vulnerable children to learn. Our partner schools are well organized and efficient. But what keeps us going are the wonderful kids we get to teach and learn from every day. They are in the right hands.

Your dreams, Our dreams.

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Supporting schools in Building Infrastructure
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Advancing digital literacy
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Donations for educational resources

At EDWB, we belief that Every Child deserves an opportunity to learn. Hence, part of our mission is to see education setting improve, give students a better opportunity for better life, offer training on distance Learning Platforms, improve Internet Access and Electricity provisions and Get Schools to offer full ride scholarships. We also Solicit Government scholarships, Philanthropist legacy Scholarships, Fund schools, and satellite community centers and support building makeshift schools in temporary housing camps. 

what's happening? our Events

Stay updated on our Special Events and outreach programs. We have different type of events that include raise awareness for a cause,  fundraising and  allowing our donors to engage with the grants beneficiary among many others. 


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